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​Flap Disc Machine & Grinding Wheel Press Machines

SKD Engineering Co., Ltd provides professional and practical equipment for abrasive tools production industry.  

Grinding Wheel Production Machines

Grinding Wheel Production

Flap Disc Production Line

Flap Disc Production Machines

High-Performance Machines for Abrasives Manufacturer

SKD Engineering, as a professional machinery manufacturer for abrasives production. we focus on Flap Disc Production Machines and Grinding Wheel Production Machines. with the developing with abrasives production industry. SKD Engineering has built a professional design and manufacturing team in flap disc and grinding wheel production solutions, successively served abrasives manufacturing company over the world.

SKD Engineering has rich experience to design production lines to complete your requirement on abrasive wheels manufacturing, automatic or semi-automatic machines are available for your Bonded wheels production and coated abrasive conversion production.

Grinding Wheel Production
Flap Discs Production
F & Q

Cutting & Grinding wheel making processing and formula.

Abrasive flap disc production processing and other abrasive tools production know-how consultation. Abrasive raw materials and machine accessories supply. Make the grinding wheel and flap discs production automatic.

Abrasives Production F & Q
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