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We focus on resin-bond grinding wheel /cut-off wheel production equipment(grinding wheel production line). A grinding wheel is manufactured with two important components, abrasive grains and bonding materials.Normally, additives are blended to create a wheel with necessary properties.

How to Make a Grinding Wheel? 

1.Mixing the components
The basic component materials of grinding wheels are abrasive grains, bonding materials. They will be mixed together by a MIXER. The abrasive grains include: silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina and others. Bonding materials of resin-bond wheel are synthetic resin that can be cured by thermal,one of the first common resin bond materials is Bakelite(phenolicresin), other resin such as epoxy resin, polyurethane are also used as bond materials.Most resin bond grinding wheels need a reinforced material, discs of reinforcing fabric woven such as glass fiber. This reinforced materials will be load in during the next step, molding.

The mixture is poured into the mold and then compressed by a hydraulic press(ROTARY MOLDING PRESS or LINEAR MOLDING PRESS). In this step, the press piston compacts several basic elements: abrasive mixture,reinforced glass fiber,Paper label and metal ring.  The shaped grinding wheels are 

In this step the wheels are heated in a programmed CURING OVEN or FURNACE. After firing, the shaped wheel become hard and strong enough to cut/grind at a high speed.

4. Labelling and Packing


5. Grinding Wheel Test

Normally, resin bonded grinding wheels need pass several basic test before packing and sending to users: 

  • rotary speed test

  • grinding /cutting test

  • static balance check

Grinding wheel press machine for 300-400 cut-off wheels.gif
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