SKD Engineering Company supply professional service in grinding wheel production and coated abrasives conversion-flap disc production.

01 Machine Installation & Commissioning.

After machine delivered to customer's factory, engineers from SKD come to complete the grinding wheel production line or flap disc production line installation, debugging and test-run in the buyer's factory.

buyer's can also send engineers to come to our factory to learn the installation and operation of the machines.

02 Operation & Maintainance Training 

During the abrasives production line installation, our engineers carry out the operation training and maintenance training, let the operators be skilled rapidly to control the production machines. customer can also send staff to our factory to receive training.

03 Formular and Know-How Consultation

  • Grinding wheel production processing and formula.

  • flap disc production processing.

  • flap wheels production processing.

  • other abrasive tools production consultation.

04 Accessory Parts Supply

  • grinding wheel production accessories: grinding wheel molding tooling/molds, aluminum plates for grinding wheel making, separating net, others.
  • flap disc machine accessories: cutting blade, other accessories.

05 Production Raw Materials Assistance

  • materials for resin boned grinding wheel production: abrasive grains, fiberglass net(reinforce fiber glass net), metal ring( collar )

  • materials for flap disc production: sanding cloth, adhesive(glue), fiberglass backing plate

  • other materials



Production Solutions

With the persistent pursuit to abrasives production machinery, SKD team has been working earnest to improve the level of automation, produce customer satisfaction flap disc, grinding wheel, flap wheel, sanding belt, and other related abrasives production machines


SKD Engineering has served manufacturers  ​of grinding wheels, flap discs, and related abrasives tools around the world by high-quality production machines. Every day, engineers from SKD are getting down to learn and work. We are always ready to provide customers satisfied solutions in the abrasives industry.

Thanks to the long-term feedback and assistance from our users, we are able to produce better and better machines, we are growing and improving with our customers together.

flap discs production line for Spain in 2019
Flap Disc Machine in North America in 2019
Automatic Flap Disc Machine for Turkey Customer in 2015
Automatic Flap Disc Machine for Thainland Customer in 2014
Flap Disc Machine for Thanland Customer in 2016
Flap Disc Machine for North African Customer in 2015
Grinding Wheel Press 30 Station D100-125 for India Customer in 2016
Grinding Wheel Production Machine 42 Station , D180-230mm, for India Customer in 2014
Cut-off Wheel Production Machine for Indian customer D300-405mm, for India Customer in 2012
Grinding Wheel Destack Machine for European Customer in 2017
Grinding Wheel Oven for North Asian Customer in 2012
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