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Coated abrasives consist of coated abrasive grains bonded onto a backing material in the form of paper,cloth, or fiber. Coated abrasive conversion. Here,we focus on Coated Abrasives Machinery that produce abrasive tools converted from sanding cloth jumbo roll. These tools include: Sanding belt, flap disc, mounted flap wheel, flange flap wheel and other abrasives.

coated abrasive conversion_sanding cloth belts

SANDING BELTS are normally used for machining metal or sanding wood. It is converted from a Jumbo Roll. Big roll is cut into strips by a cutter/SLITTER.Then, coat glue and connect the two ends of the strip by a Joint Press machine.  

FLAP DISC is used for mutipurpose grinding, it is widely used for work on surface grinding, weld seams, chamfering, deburring on steel, a flap disc is produced by equipments: SLITTER, FLAP DISC PRODUCTION MACHINE, CURING OVEN AND Packing Machine.

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