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This Grinding Tester is designed to test grinding efficiency of flap discs and some type grinding wheels automatically.
For several flap disc samples, an angle grinder handled by hands is adequate for the grinding testing. But for a lot of samples to test, a grinding tester is a necessary helper to take such burdensome task. 
Normally, in order to know the performance of flap discs, engineers of flap disc manufacturer need do grinding to research flap discs' performance. For example, to get the Grinding Ratio(material removed from work-piece : material lost from flap disc ),engineers need hand-operating the angle grinder for several hours sometimes. This Grinding Tester can help test engineer to reduce labor strength, far away from dust and noise. And the Testing result is not affected by operator' s subjectivity.

Grinding Tester for Flap Discs and Grinding Wheels
Controlled by PLC,
Two Type Grinding Modes: O-Shape Grinding and Z-Shape Grinding. 
Grinding Pressure and Angle is adjustable to simulate hands' movement.
Grinding Tester SKGT01A
Target Testing Product: Flap disc / Grinding disc
Range of Product Diameter: 100 ~ 180 mm
Range of Grinding Time: 0-100min
  • Grinding Tester for Flap Discs
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