Flap Disc Production Machine 


Automatic Flap Disc Production Machine

Flap Disc Making Machine produces abrasive flap discs automatically or semi-automatically, Raw materials of flap discs are fiberglass/plastic backing discs, abrasive cloth belts and one compound adhesive(glue). Pneumatic pump applies the glue on the backing pads, programmed servo motors drive the cutting unit to cut the sanding cloth belt to flaps and apply on the rotating backing pad automatically.  The efficient team of SKD has the ability to complete the flap disc machine manufacturing with guaranteed quality in shortest time.


Full automatic Flap Disc Making Machine, the operator just needs to load the raw materials and unload the finished flap discs which stacked automatically by the pick-up grippers. 
Production: D100-180mm Flap Discs 
Estimated Output: 6s/wheel(600pcs/h for 4 inch
Operator Number: 1
Control: PLC full Automatic

Muti-type & Size Flap Disc Production

Thanks to the experience and technic in the flap disc machines manufacturing, our engineer has designed a variety of flap disc production solutions, automatic or semi-automatic, to satisfy customers' requirements.

Flap Disc Double-Flap
Abrasive Cloth Flaps are two kinds of sanding cloth, two cloth, one cut. D180 T29
T27 Fiber Glass Backing Flap Disc D115
Plastic Backing Flap Disc D100
mini flap disc made by SKD engineering Flap Disc Machine
D100 flexible flap disc, sunflow flap disc, or korean type flap disc by skd flexible flap disc production machine
fiberglass or plastic backings for flap discs production.
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​How Flap Disc Machine Manufactured?

Thanks to the engineers' long-term hardworking in the flap disc machines manufacturing, we have the ability to supply qualified flap disc machines to customers over the world.


Thanks to the long-term design and manufacturing of flap disc machines and related abrasive production machines, SKD engineering has the ability to supply reliable machines in the abrasives industry.


Qualified Materials are machined by CNC  to achieve high precision and long-life using.


Experienced engineers assemble the flap disc machines with accuracy


SKD Engineering always sources parts and elements from reliable international brand electrical suppliers.


Before every flap disc machine delivered, the machine should be tested for a certain time to make sure the machine is well-ready to run in customer's workshop.


To make sure the machine can be delivered to the customer without any management, a wood-box package was covered to protect the machines.


​Semi-automatic Flap Disc Machine are also available

To customers' requirement, semi-automatic flap disc production machines are also available, contact us and send your detailed requirements, SKD Engineers are always to serve you.

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Flexible Flap Disc Production Machine

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Labeling & Packing Flap Discs

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