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Abrasive mixture mixing process description

Normally, abrasive mixture according to a specific formula is mixed by the following steps:


  1. pre-mix abrasive grains: weighing different abrasive grains and mix evenly in up bowl.

  2. put a certain amount of liquid resin into up bowl and mix with abrasive grains,let the liquid resin wrap the grain evenly.

  3. pour powder resin and powder additives into low bowl.

  4. turn over the up bowl and pour the liquid resin coated abraisve grains into low bowl.

  5. pour out the mixed abrasive mixture into vibrating sieve and load the mixture into material containers.

Generally, good abrasive mixture should have certain mouldability and fluidity, If too wet, it is easy to caking. If too dry with much powder resin, the fluidity is not good for grinding wheel molding.

Advantage of double-bowl abrasive mixer

A double-bowl abrasive mixer is much suitable and market proved by resin bond grinding/cut-off wheel manufactures.

It has advantages:

  • abrasive mixture is more homogeneous, almost no powder caking was generated by double-bowl mixer.

  • double bowl mixer is more efficient, it can finish the mixing process in shorter time.

  • up bowl only used for mixing abrasive grains and liquid resin, no contamination from other material, easy to clean.

Advantage of SKD abrasive mixer
  • SKD double-bowl mixer are designed by engineer team which has more than 20 years experience in abrasives industry and optimized by customers' support and feedback.

  • System controled by PLC, programmed processing steps can be set and saved in memory. It is useful for users to standardize the mixing process.  

  • SKD double-bowl mixer is assembled by international brand electric elements, reliable quality machinery accessories,so it more durable.

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