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Curing of Resin Bond Grinding Wheels

A proper and standardized curing process, is the one of the most important step in grinding wheel production.

A curing process consists of curing temperature,holding temperature,holding time,heating rate and other conditions. The actual curing process is complicated, affected by many factors:

  1. raw materials: 

    abrasive nature,grain size, 
    bond material quantity,volatile matter, condensation rate,liquidity
    additives quantity,nature,volatile matter

  2. grinding wheel: shape, specification,grade,hardness,density and porosity

  3. heating: curing oven type and specification, wheels loading method, heating method

Normally, the exact curing curve is only determined by experiments, an experienced engineer can set a reasonable curing curve by experiments. A proper and standardized processing technology dominates the the performance of grinding wheels,such as higher strength and better grinding effeciency.

Grinding Wheels Before Bakeing
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