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Linear Press is practical and economical forming machine for resin bonded grinding wheel or cut-off wheels. it is widely used in Chinese grinding wheel factories.

This kind Linear press machine (or puch type grinding wheel molding press) was invented by Chinese engineers in about 1995, the engineers was inspired from biscuit production line, they converted the indexer driving(Rotary press) into simple air cylinders driving(Linear press). In this way, the high cost, complicated and precise index head was replaced by low cost,simple and practical cylinder driving mold carrier system. Considering the technical level in Chinese grinding wheel industry at that time, absolutely, the "Linear type" is a useful,low cost and fast method to achieve resin bond grinding wheel semi-automatic production.

grinding wheel  press

With the development of Chinese grinding wheel industry, this"Simple Linear Press" was accepted and widely used by most Chinese grinding wheel factories. Based on this, because of increasing of labour cost these years, automatic abrasive mixture feeding, automatic fiber net loading, automatic metal hub(ring) loading and automatic label loading are developed by machine manufacturers. Nowadays, large factories have begun to update old semi-automatic equipment to auto machines by use these auto-units.

Independent automatic Metal Ring Load Units

The Linear Press can be flexibly designed longer or shorter( more or less work-stations) according to what kind of grinding wheels to produce. 

The 28 station 100-125mm linear press, is a semi-automatic, basic molding solution to produce 1-layer abrasive or 2-layer abrasive grinding/cut-off wheels.


This machine has the advantage:

1. Economical: compared to Rotary Press, its price is much lower.
2. Operation: structure simple and easy to operate.
3. Easy maintenance,very low failure rate.
4. High efficiency: as a simple machine focused on 100-125 cut-off wheel/grinding wheel, skilled operators can reach 4-6 second/wheel.

Linear Grinding Wheel Press 28 station

Suggestion from Processing Engineers: 

A less work station linear press is suitable to produce large quantity,  single type(simlar type) grinding wheels.

For example: 28 station 100-125mm linear press is excellent to produce  one or two abrasive layer, out diameter 100-125mm, thickness 1.2-3mm grinding/cut-off wheels.  see wheels type

Less work station means less functions, compared to more work-station press, it is much easier for new grinding wheel manufacturer to grasp the machine quickly, in other words, workers need less time to learn operating machine,engineers need less time to maintain machine, less failures in normal production. 

So it is a practical and economical grinding wheel production machine.

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