Resin-Bond Grinding  Wheel/Cut-off Wheel has several layers. The following are normal wheel layer structure. Simply, More Layers, more functional stations are needed in the press Machine. Tell us what kind of wheels you want to produce, we introduce you a suitable grinding wheel making machine.

1. Diameter of the grinding wheels. 

2. Layers of abrasive mixture, normally, it is 1-3 layers.

3. Glass Fiber Net

3. Label/Paper and Metal Ring(Collar).

4. other requirements.


D180mm, 3-layer abrasive mixture, 2-layer glass fiber nets and press label and 2 metal rings(up and down metal ring)

NaN cut-off wheel (Component Net)
1 layer abrasive mixture, component net(paper+fiberglass net)
NaN depressed wheel one metal ring
1 layer abrasive mixture, component net(paper+fiberglass net)
paper=bule, fiber net=yellow
NaN cut-off wheel
1 layer abrasive mixture
aNa cut-off wheel
2 Layers abrasive mixture
NaNaN depressed grinding wheel
2 layers abrasive mixture,component net(paper+fiberglass net)
aNaNa depressed grinding wheel
3 layers abrasive mixture
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