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Grinding Wheel Press Molds:

  1. Mold Ring

  2. Center Pin

  3. Bottom Plate( and Top Plate for some machine)

  4. Press Head

Abrasive mixture with other materials: glassfiber net, lable and bush is feeded into the mould cavity and compacted by a hydraulic press.

grinding wheel  press molds
Grinding Wheel Press Station_Moulds Assemble
PU Mold for grinding wheel press

​Mold Plate with PU(polyurethane)

Grinding Wheel Mould with PU

​Mold Plate with PU(polyurethane)

Pattern by PU Mold

Pressed by PU molds, the PU material is  the abrasive grains partly permeate the Paper/Label on grinding wheel surface, we will get a  special surface pattern (sandy or frosted, see picture on right) which is popular in some market.

Grinding Wheel by Steel Mould with PU

Grinding Wheels Surface by Steel Mould

Grinding Wheels Surface by Mould with PU

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