Grinding Wheel Press Molds:

  1. Mold Ring

  2. Center Pin

  3. Bottom Plate( and Top Plate for some machine)

  4. Press Head

Abrasive mixture with other materials: glassfiber net, lable and bush is feeded into the mould cavity and compacted by a hydraulic press.

​Mold Plate with PU(polyurethane)

​Mold Plate with PU(polyurethane)

Pattern by PU Mold

Pressed by PU molds, the PU material is  the abrasive grains partly permeate the Paper/Label on grinding wheel surface, we will get a  special surface pattern (sandy or frosted, see picture on right) which is popular in some market.

Grinding Wheels Surface by Steel Mould

Grinding Wheels Surface by Mould with PU

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