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Oven Size for Flap Disc Production

After flap disc machine process, workers stack the flap discs and put the flap discs on the oven car and push the car into the oven and bake them at a certain temperature.

What size curing oven should I choose for flap disc production?


Normally the flap disc curing oven is heating by electrical power. The power is about 20-30KW. The size of curing oven depends on the production output of the flap discs. E.g. If the production quantity is 5000pcs/shift for 100mm flap discs, one 1.5M3 curing oven with inside size: 1*1*1.5m is enough for the daily production.

Φ100mm flap discs arrangment in the oven.


In 1.5 Cubic Meter Oven, the total flap disc quantity is about 45*7*8*2=5040pcs(flap disc number per stack * line number * row number * storey number)

Φ100mm flap discs arrangment in the oven.
What is a good curing oven for flap disc production?
What is a good curing oven for flap disc production?


A good curing oven should have such performance:

  1. Accurate temperature control in the furnace

  2. Uniform temperature distribution within the furnace.

  3. Higher thermal efficiency with lower heat losses

  4. Adequate sealing of the oven door

  5. Longer service life and easy maintenance​

curing oven for flap disc production
Optimum arrangment of flap disk in curing oven?
Optimum arrangement of flap discs in curing oven.


1. Load Quantity of Flap Disc

The loading of flap disks on the oven car should be arranged so that It receives the maximum amount of heat radiation from the the heating elements and the hot air is efficiently circulated around the flap discs. ​

Under load result in lower efficiency, on the contrary,overload can lead to longer heating time and may cause un-uniform temperature distribution inside the oven.


2. Arrange Method

The flap disc stacks shold be arranged in order and leave enough space between each stack

3. Flap discs should be not placed in the following position:


  1. DO NOT put flap discs too close to the heating element.


  1. DO NOT put flap discs in an area that is likely to lead blockage of heat circulation in the oven.


  1. DO NOT put flap discs too close to the door openings where cold point near oven door may result in un-fully curing.

Φ125mm flap discs arrangment in the oven.
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