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Generally, Storage Condition of coated abrasives in flap disc production: Keep abrasive products dry. Avoid temperature and humidity extremes.

Sanding Cloth Strip Rolls for Flap Disc Production
More humidity of sanding cloth roll

After slitting, sanding cloth jumbo roll is cut into small rolls and they are stored for next step - automatic flap disc production. The storage condition of sanding cloth is aways ignored. An improper storage may cause problems during flap disc manufacture by automatic machine.

Much More Humidity causes sanding cloth flabby, flexible and deformed(not flat). That is not good for automatic flap disk making, then troubles come, such as short-stop by flap cutting failures, sanding cloth strip feeding errors and bad flap arranging.

Drier Sanding cloth roll

Practically, automatic flap disc machine prefer a relative drier sanding cloth. the dryness will make sanding cloth brittle and lack of flexibility.A drier sanding cloth is relatively helpful to make good-appearance flap discs continiously and smoothly.

  1.  A drier sanding cloth strip is relative brittle and easy to cut.  On the contrary, a moist sanding cloth strip is hard to cut completely and flaps are cut but still connected by some thread.

  2.  A drier sanding cloth strip is stiff and not easy to bend, it is very helpful to let the flap vertical stabbing  into the adhesive glue steady and evenly. So the error rate at cutting station of flap disc machine is lower and the flaps arrange more even.

  3.  A drier sanding cloth strip is not flabby, it is not easy to get stuck when cloth feeding.

Conclusion: Relative humidity is an important factor in the storage of coated abrasives.

Flap Disc Machine Cutting Station
What is a proper storage condition of sanding cloth in flap disc production?

The ideal storage conditions of coated abrasive products: 

1.  Constant temperature of 22°C ( ±5°). 
2.  Controlled humidity of 45% (±5%). 
3. If possible, DO NOT lay sanding cloth on concrete floors directly (put sanding cloth on wood pallet), DO keep sanding cloth away from hot and wet sources, e.g. heater, furnace, air inlet, rainfall.

Anchor 1 the ideal storage conditions of coated abrasive products
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